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How We Charge

For new and existing clients, we offer a free 20 minute consultation. We also offer a free quote. Beyond that, we charge for our time and expertise (just like a lawyer, accountant, etc). We charge $120/hour, pro-rated to the minute, billable monthly. Please keep in mind, we're not only charging you for the finished work, but all the project management time that goes into it as well. Phone calls and meetings that are more than 5 minutes are billed at $90/hour pro-rated.

We require a 50% deposit to start any job. No exceptions. We do not offer refunds.


Finishing is the work done to complete a print job. Please note we take context into account. If we are finishing a job for a museum, yes its pristine and perfect. If its a banner and there are imperfections that are not visible, since its high up, we deem that as acceptable.

Lead Time

Projects take time and expertise. We try to get things done promptly. However we do have other projects, deadlines and clients and good things take time. If you need your project by a certain date, let us know. Rush charges may apply.


Upon request we can provide a printed proof of a job. If its a large print, we can print a detail proof. Proofs cost between $18 - $35 depending on what it is. We charge for this because it takes time. If you do not request a printed proof, you have to accept the finished print job as is. When we provide you with a digital proof for approval, it is your responsibility to check for accuracy, spelling etc.

Payment Info

We charge for our time and expertise. New clients must pay in full at the start of the job. All jobs require a 50% deposit with the balance due net 14 days after the job is finished. There is a $30 late fee if the invoice is 31 days past due. there is a $50 late fee when the invoice is 60 days past due. We file a complaint with the district court when the invoice is 75 days overdue. All meetings, phone calls, and emails are billable as that is part of the job.


Copyright law states that whoever created a design owns that design. That means we retain ownership of whatever we design. What you pay us for is licensing to use the design. The cost depends on the usage.


Feel free to call during business hours or email us anytime. When communicating with us, please give us 24 hours to respond. If you are providing feedback or revisions, please take your time to put it all in one email.

Project Management

Project management accounts for all the time making sure your project gets done. Emails, phone calls, internal communications, and such all take time. There is a charge for project management because it takes time and expertise.

File Management

We don’t manage your files. If you need us to resend files that we already provided you, there is $25 nominal fee. You may say - well it only takes a minute. In reality, one of us needs to stop what we’re doing, log out of our time keeping app, find the file, check its ok, respond to your email, etc. Its not just like pushing a button. We provide the files to you upon completion of the job. If you buy something at a store, you don’t go back to the store asking them to send it to you again! Please keep them in safe place and make back ups.


We offer a free 20 minute meeting to discuss your project. Additional meetings are billed at $90/hour, pro-rated. This is because we charge for time and expertise. Emails and quick phone calls are not billed. Extensive phone calls, zoom meetings and such are billable.


Revisions are a normal part of the process. Revisions take time and expertise, so we charge for them. The quote we provide includes one round of revisions.


When we complete your website the project is closed. Future edits, changes, updates are billed at $100/hour. We are not responsible for your website hosting, maintenance, domain name, email, backing up your site or anything else related to your site. If your site goes down there is a very hefty charge to rebuild it. It requires a lot of time.


If you provide canva files for us to work with there is a minimum of $90 charge to deal with them. Canva is not professional design software and is very limiting. Its often quicker for us to recreate the design rather than try to get the Canva file to work.

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