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Guide to Festival Signage

Maximize Sales & Profits Increase Efficiency

Order Here

A simple but essential signage need for festivals – Order Here/Pay Here and Pick Up here signage. An orderly flow is so important to maintain, or things can go south quickly. They can easily be hung on your tent flap or a bracket sign works too.

Typical size: 24” w x 9” h

Color print on coroplast with grommets for hanging

Durable, Waterproof, Reusable, Increased Efficiency/Increased Profits


Bracket signs work wonderfully with pop up tents and give you an additional angle to attract attention. The most popular use for a sign that is perpendicular to the front of the tent, so people can see your signage as they approach your tent. We suggest keeping them simple and bold. 

Typical size: 24” w x 6” h

Double sided color print on coroplast

Bracket, Zip ties for hanging

Durable, Waterproof, Reusable, Increased Efficiency/Increased Profits


A-Frame signage is heavy duty and versatile. Don’t mess around with home made ones. Get a solid plastic one that has slots to insert signage. This allows you do use different signs as needed. These are great for menus. They are noticeable and effective. The only drawback is that if there is a crowd of people the view could be blocked. 

Typical size: 24” w x 36” h

Color print on coroplast 

Durable, Waterproof, Reusable, Increased Efficiency/Increased Profits

Mini Table Throw

A branded table throw is an inexpensive and effective way to set the tone for your set up. Printed on mesh material, its lightweight and looks classy. A full table throw is expensive and can easily get stained or ruined. 

Typical size: 28” w x 90” h

Color print on mesh 

Durable, Waterproof, Reusable, Branding Tool, Increased Efficiency/Increased Profits

Table Front

Be best in show and get yourself a branded table front runner. Block unsightly containers, trash, and general festival mess from view with this innovative but simple solution. Can a branded step and repeat, pattern or whatever you’d like – its printed on coroplast, water proof and sets up in under a minute.

Typical size: 10’ w x 30” h

Color print on coroplast 

Durable, Waterproof, Reusable, Branding Tool


Mesh banners have several advantages over vinyl. It lets the wind pass through it effortlessly, which is important on windy festival day. We have seen tents “lift-off” ! It looks a touch classier and its versatile. Vinyl banners are bolder and last longer. We can cut wind smiles in them. Both work! Mix it up and get one of each.

Typical size: 10’ w x 2.5’ h or 3’ h

Color print on mesh w/ hem tape on sides, grommets for hanging

Durable, Waterproof, Reusable, Branding Tool


Chalkboard vinyl has many benefits. Quickly and easily update pricing or your menu as things evolve during the festival. Super versatile from festival to festival. Pro Tip: Get an a-frame sign with just your logo at the top and the rest of it chalkboard vinyl. You’ll be ready for anything.

Typical size: varies

Chalkboard decal vinyl

Durable, Waterproof, Reusable, Increased Efficiency/Increased Profits

Menu Boards

This is one of the most important pieces of signage you’ll need for any festival. Please don’t do one by hand. Get it professionally designed and printed. Before someone commits to buying something from you, they scan the menu. Its a critical time – ensure making the sale with bold, clear, professionally designed menu signage!

Typical size: varies

decal vinyl on coroplast, grommets and zip ties for hanging

Durable, Waterproof, Reusable, Increased Efficiency/Increased Profits

Price Change

Price patch stickers are a game changer. Everything at a festival is in flux and your prices need to change to adapt. We provide a set of numbers 0 – 9 custom made for your menu boards. Notice someone else is selling the same thing for less? Change your price! Item not selling well? Lower the price! Got a feeding frenzy on your hands? Raise the price! Festival is coming to end, slash the prices and sell out!

Typical size: small, varies 

Decals, kiss cut on a sheet or on a roll

Durable, Waterproof, Versatile, Increased Efficiency/Increased Profits

Sold Out

Sold stickers are a MUST for any festival. Spare your staff from having to cobble together some sort of patch. We had a client once whose staff just used a marker to write “Sold Out” over the menus items - only to ruin the menu board. Be smart, get these!

Typical size: small, varies 

Decals, kiss cut on a sheet or on a roll

Durable, Waterproof, Versatile, Increased Efficiency/Increased Profits

QR Menu

Studies show QR Menus increase sales, especially at a festival. Save your staff a ton of time answering questions or explaining the menu. We can both make QR menu signage and the web page to go along with it! You gotta love the 21st century, take advantage of this to really move the needle with sales and make a more efficient ordering flow. 

Typical size: 12” x 12” or 24” x 24”

Color print mounted to coroplast, double sided, bracket, zip ties

Durable, Waterproof, Reusable, Versatile, Increased Efficiency/Increased Profits

Festival in Festival

This “festival within a festival” tactic is for the big dogs – you have multiple tents, you can create the illusion of different options, when its really just all you! People are drawn in by what appear to be different options, so it increases sales. Festival goers are sometimes reluctant to go right up to a tent, as they will feel compelled to buy something. This tactic increases your chances to make a sale. Dominate the festival with this tactic. 

Typical size: 10’ x 30”

Color print mounted to coroplast or banner vinyl

Durable, Waterproof, Versatile, Increased Efficiency/Increased Profits, Branding Tool

Selfie Frame

You may think its stupid, but people love selfie frames. These are a big hit at festivals where the alcohol is flowing. We can create a custom branded selfie frame for you. With the added hashtag it gets you free exposure on social media. For two days festivals, this is very effective. People often peruse festival specific hashtags prior to or during attendance. Get an edge over the competition with a self frame or two!

Typical size: 18” x 24” or bigger

Color print mounted to coroplast, custom cut
Durable, Waterproof, Reusable, Versatile, Branding Tool


Having your signage professionally design and produced is mission critical. You put so much effort to making sure your festival food offerings taste great – your signage needs to look great. Its a worthwhile investment ... it pays for itself and can be a game changer it terms of traffic to your both. You’ll see higher sales and an efficient flow. In addition, every festival is an opportunity to make new customers aware of your business. Make sure your signage is on point in terms of branding and positioning. 

We have over a decade of experience working with PA Bacon Fest, Easton Garlic Fest, Easton Heritage Day, Riverside Festival of the Arts, and more. We’ve developed effective solutions for maximizing sales and creating an efficient customer flow.

We know what works best, what doesn’t work and what’s most cost effective.

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