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Turbo Charge© Printing Services

TURBO CHARGE© PRINTING SERVICES - Lightening Fast printing for a last minute world!

Need your project printed the same day near you? Need your print job done in a day or two near you? Our Turbo Printing© service has you covered. We live in last minute printing world – so we adapted and can print your job right away (for a small fee). Please note, if design work is involved, Turbo Printing© does not apply. Its only for jobs when the design is ready to go.

Here is how it works:

PRESTO* - Your print job done the same day! Just add 6% to the total cost + $5. Thats a small price to pay.

PRONTO - You print job done in one day! Just add 4% to the total cost. Thats next to nothing!

PROMPT - Your print job done in two days! Just add 2% to the total cost. Thats nothing!

Cut off time to place an order in Noon. Orders placed after noon will be considered placed the next day.

*Some print jobs are not possible to be done the same day.

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