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Redefining standard printing sizes for a better tomorrow.

Our latest sustainability effort to help reduce waste and conserve paper.

We came up with new standard sizing for commonly printed pieces like rack cards, business cards and brochures. The sizes are smaller, so we can print more using less paper. We made sure the sizes are still effective and make sense for the piece. Another bonus is that if you choose one of our Eco-Sizes you'll save money!

Print File Specs

  • all files should have .25” white border (no bleed)

  • prints can be color or black & white,

  • one-sided or two-sided

  • save files as high res PDF

  • do not include crop marks or trim marks

Help save the planet and save yourself some money! Sizes and specs are below.

Slender Card
3" x 9"

Print 8UP on 12x18

Brief Card
4" x 3.6"

Print 15UP on 12x18

Jet Card
5.5" x 11.5"

Print 3UP on 12x18

Palm Card
4" x 4.5"

Print 12UP on 12x18

Cute Card
3" x 3.6"

Print 20UP on 12x18

Glider Card
5.5" x 10.5"

Print 3UP on 11x17

Report Card
6" x 3.6"

Print 10UP on 12x18

Business Card Squared
2" x 2"

Print 54UP on 12x18

Pocket Brochure
11" x 5.6"

Print 3UP on 11x17

Eco Friendly Paper Options

  • Double A Everyday 20lb. 11x17

  • Raw Grocer Kraft 100lb. C 12x18

  • Royal Sundance Ultra White 110lb. C 12x18

  • Royal Sundance Driftwood 80lb. C 13x19

  • Royal Sundance Kraft 80lb. C 13x19

  • Royal Sundance Natural White 120lb. C13x19

  • Poseidon© Waterproof Paper 12x18

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