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Specialty Items

Almost Canvas© - NEW!

Get the look and feel of canvas without the high price tag!  This canvas-like material is a permanent adhesive, so it can be mounted on foam core or directly to a wall. The texture lends an interesting, artistic touch.

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Biodegradable Banners

Our new Biodegradable Banner Vinyl is our most durable vinyl option and ideal for indoor or outdoor advertising and promotional signage. No need to hem tape the sides, these banners will hold up to all types of wear and tear. When your finished with your banner use, this vinyl will decompose, breaking down safely and quickly, into raw materials and disappear.


ENVIRONMENT® 100% Recycled White

ENVIRONMENT® Paper is all about reduce, reuse & recycle. The paper fibers are used over and over again, continuously producing beautiful prints. Manufactured Carbon Neutral Plus, with 100% renewable green electricity and is certified FSC Recycled. 100% post consumer fiber, no new trees and processed chlorine free, this bright white cover stock is perfect for rack cards, business card, menus, fliers and more.


ENVIRONMENT® Raw Grocer Kraft

ENVIRONMENT® Paper is the premium and most sustainable paper option. This Raw paper is FSC® Certified, Green-e Certified, Green Seal™ Certified, and made with 30% Post-Consumer Fiber. The Grocer Kraft paper resembles the look and feel of a brown paper bag, which creates a very natural feel for your print jobs. We recommend printing with only black ink on this brown stock, it lends a very classic look to your printed piece.


Glow In The Dark Vinyl Decal Sticker

Our all new Glow in the Dark vinyl is something to get excited about! There's so many possibilities with this industrial strength, permanent vinyl decal. It charges with both UV & florescent light, so it's ideal for both indoor and outdoor use!


Holographic Illusion Window Vinyl

Cliff Ross now offers holographic illusion vinyl. This vinyl material is not only great to look at, but functional, too! Like typical illusion vinyl, from the outside, it looks completely opaque, but from the inside, you are able to see right through it. This is excellent for providing privacy and security while at the same time displaying a beautifully designed window graphic to passerby. Our new holographic material is a fun, on-trend option.


Magic Bead Vinyl Decal

We’re excited to now offer this innovate new vinyl decal material! Unlike your typical vinyl decal material, our “Magic Bead” vinyl decal is totally reposition-able. That means you no longer have to worry about not placing your decal down perfectly the first time. This material is great for store window graphics as well as wall graphics for events, galleries and much more. It is the ideal material for temporary window and store front signage.


Kraft Decal

Our Kraft Decal Paper is excellent for product labels and stickers. Its light brown color and unique texture gives it an all-natural look and feel. Sticks well to glass, plastic, metal, cardboard, etc. This material will help your product stand out from the crowd.


Mesh Banners

Get a high-end, upscale look with Mesh Banners! We are excited to now offer versatile mesh banners, which are ideal for both indoor or outdoor use. The functional material is lightweight and wind is able to pass through easily. Great for festival, fair and event vendors! Custom sizes are available.


Aspire Petallics Pearlescent Silver

If you're looking for a glimmering touch that's not overpowering and very elegant, our new pearlescent silver paper is the perfect choice. This paper will really make your prints stand out. Both color and black and white prints look beautiful on the shimmery silver stock. Perfect for greeting cards, invitations, announcements and weddings.


Royal Sundance® Papers

Royal Sundance® Papers are all FSC® Certified and Green-e Certified. These neutral colors and tactile textures create a natural feel aided by the visual fibers and speckles. Although colors will look beautiful printed on this fiber finish, when printing with only black ink on these fiber papers your prints will truly stand the test of time. Currently available in 3 colors; Birch, Driftwood and Kraft. All are 80lb cover stock making them perfect for invitations, rackcards and menus.

Colors shown magnified from top down: Birch, Driftwood


Poseidon© Waterproof Paper

We now offer waterproof paper! Poseidon© is an innovative, water-resistant paper product. Printed materials that use this paper will be able to withstand liquid much better than normal paper. It’s a synthetic paper product that naturally resists water and most other liquids. Overall, it is extremely durable. It feels just like normal paper! These virtues make it fantastic for:

  • Restaurant menus

  • Charts

  • Outdoor or Indoor Signage

  • Door hangers

  • Placemats

  • Recipe cards

  • Cook Books

  • Festival maps

  • Business cards

  • ID cards & more


Custom Ordering

Don't see a paper or material option that's right for your brand? We can custom order any paper stock or material you're interested in! Give us a call and we will do our best to create the perfect printed pieces for your business.

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